Product labeling as value-creating branding

Durable care labels

A care label contributes to the overall feel of your product, and functional design with solid material can make your brand more valuable on the whole. We produce care labels according to all kinds of specifications and also ensure that the material is durable and the production process is gentle on the environment.

If you want your collection to exude quality in every aspect, the care label is an important component to take into account. With our help, you can ensure that all necessary care label information ends up exactly where it needs to, while also generating a feeling of serious craftsmanship where both the environment and the design have been taken into account.

With our self-developed Care Label Generator, we ensure correct translations and the right variable data. Ordering is done through our e-commerce page and the information is clearly visible on the screen.

We have manufactured care labels of different sizes, and for all kinds of products, for a long time. This means that we work with flexibility for all kinds of measurements and can create labels that are both durable and silky in texture. We are able to design care labels from 100% recycled polyester to reduce the negative impact on the environment; in addition, all our woven tags are OEKO-TEX certified.

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