Product labeling as value-creating branding

Hang tags that elevate your brand

Hang tags make for a stronger brand, especially if they are of high quality in both material and design. Based on this premise, we produce large volumes of hang tags that refine your collection's unique style, without a single one fraying.

We work with great flexibility in the hang tag design process. This means that our tags can be made in varying sizes and from different types of materials; always with your brand and our environment in mind. We manufacture our tags from FSC paper, recycled paper, sugar cane and bamboo, among other things. You choose the material that suits you best and the options for the shape and expression of the hang tag are almost unlimited. We always have a broad design knowledge base and new technology at our disposal.

Our deep competence and extensive experience of producing hang tags means that we can create tags that fits your desired expression. For example, if you want to embroider a powerful message on the hang tag, we make sure that it is shaped precisely according to your instructions.

We ensure that the tags speak the same language by handling all production in one and the same place. Delivery to all your production units is smooth and swift, regardless of the number of hang tags.

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