Product labeling as value-creating branding

Product labels - fabric labels and rubber labels that make your brand visible

A well-made product brand can highlight both brand and product, and contribute everything from subtle elegance to a robust and durable feel. In the production of product labels, we think creatively and maintain a rigorous production process until the label is ready for delivery. We think both high-level and at the level of the label's small, barely visible, details.

We manufacture product labelsof all kinds. From fabric labels and embroidered badges to rubber labels or labels made of durable leather. With a focus on craftsmanship, design and careful choice of materials, we ensure that the label you are looking for is manufactured with the utmost care, no matter what you want to evoke. Our fabric labels can be supplemented with rubber or leather details, and a leather product label can in turn be provided with fabric details and embroidery. Do not feel limited; we have the expertise to create several layers with different materials.

When we manufacture fabric labels or rubber labels , we use a wide range of materials produced with the least possible environmental impact, e.g. PVC that is OKEO-TEX-certified, virgin and recycled raw rubber, artificial leather made of apple peel, and recycled organic cotton polyester, among others. Each material is selected using rigorous criteria to reduce emission levels and avoid harmful substances. This applies to all our product labels; fabric labels, embroidered labels, rubber labels.

In other words, our labels are manufactured conscientiously and with expertise in environmentally-friendly practice and design. We are able to adapt to create the kind of product label you are looking for. All production takes place in the same site - with circular energy consumption under our roof.

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