One heattransfer for all materials

ACG Accent offers all varieties of heat transfer. FX Transfer’s adhesion is as good on heat sensitive and stretchy sportswear garments as on rough, impregnated and treated workwear and manages all forms of wear and tear including industrial washing, enzyme washing, tumble drying and tunnel drying.

Flexible FX heat transfer with amazing quality

ACG Accent is a world-leader within research and development of heat transfer. Consequently, we are able to offer a uniquely flexible FX heat transfer that always ensures great quality with sharp contours and true color reproduction, and with full HD resolution. Where many competitors have different qualities for different applications, we always offer the same heat transfer quality on all materials.

100% sustainable

We produce our PVC-free FX transfers in a climate neutral state-of-the-art factory in Sweden and the transfer is certified for bluesign®, Oeko-Tex® class 1 and flame (EN ISO 14116:2008).

The best e-commerce and integration solutions on the market that provide:

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  • Flexibility – genuinely favorable integration capabilities

Our heat transfers:

FX heat transfer

FX heat transfer is a soft, adaptable and multifunctional heat transfer with outstanding durability against wear and washing. The heat transfer can handle up to 95°C industrial washing and drying.

FX HD heat transfer

FX HD is a heat transfer in full HD resolution that provides advanced gradients and images. The heat transfer is perfect when your item has a lot of colors or is in need of additional effects.

FX HD EC heat transfer

FX HD EC is a heat transfer with embroidery effect, so genuine that you can barely tell the difference from real embroidery. It is the optimal heat transfer to lift your logo to a new level!



FX heat transfer is suitable for all materials and works equally well for heat-sensitive and stretchy sports clothing as the most rough work clothes subject to wear, industrial washing and drying.

FX heat transfer can also be ordered in several spectacular effects! 

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