World class product labeling

ACG Accent helps customers, mainly within the textile, sports and apparel industry, with product labeling including printing, marks and packaging. We find our strengths in our world-leading research, effective logistics and a very experienced customer service. Moreover, we have the industry's best model for e-commerce and a strong commitment to environmental issues. Through our expertise and reputation, our customers will increase the value of their brand.

We Take Full Responsibility.

At ACG Accent we’ve worked with sustainability for a long time. We have been doing this even long before it was on the climate agenda. In recent years we have intensified our work. Not just because we must, but also as we really want to. We’ve always been and will always be your reliable partner. Read more about why we do it, what we do, and how we get things done.


Thanks to world-leading research our transfer attaches to 97% of all fabrics.


Increase the value of your brand through our unique design concepts.


Our studio designs everything from overall design concepts to single items.

Latest news

Det är äntligen dags för Nordic Fabric Fair igen!

22 Jan 24

Vi på ACG Accent är utställare på denna skandinaviska textilmässa! Mellan den 24 och 25 januari kommer ni hitta oss på Augustendalstorget 6 på Nacka Strand i Stockholm.Vårt team kommer att...

Our Christmas gift spreads hope to the children in Ukraine.

20 Dec 23

SOS Children's Villages has extensive experience in providing children with a secure environment, education, and care. In Ukraine, they work tirelessly to offer children a stable foundation and hope for...

Öppet Hus 9-10 november

24 Oct 23

Välkommen till öppet hus i ACG Huset som vi har tillsammans med ACG Nyström AB. Under dessa 2-dagar kommer vi bland annat prata om det kommande digitala produktpasset EU-Green Deal,...