One heattransfer for all materials

World-leading heat transfer

Our heat transfer helps you create a unique brand feeling, while the manufacturing process has minimal environmental impact. We are also at the forefront when it comes to heat transfer research. Through this, we are able to offer heat transfer with equally good adhesion for both sensitive sportswear and for sturdy workwear. All heat transfer is manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Borås, where all manufacturing is circular, while the manufacturing process has minimal environmental impact. The heat transfer is also certified for bluesign® and OEKO-TEX®.

Our heat transfer, FX, is both flexible and environmentally friendly.

FX represents flexibility and agility. It works just as well for a stretchy piece of sportswear as it does for a coarser work garment. It is easy to apply and combines nicely with the garment. The heat transfer can be applied in both lower and higher temperatures, which means that it covers most of the different fabric types on the market.

FX heat transfer - a heat transfer for everything, with different effects

FX heat transfer is a multifunctional heat transfer with wear resistance and high-temperature wash resistance. The heat transfer can withstand up to 95 degrees industrial washing and tumble drying.

FX HD heat transfer - a heat transfer with full HD resolution

FX HD offers a heat transfer that allows the most high-resolution brands to be created with perfect colour reproduction. The heat transfer is well-adapted for brand logos that are intricate and have advanced shading patterns.

FX HD EC heat transfer - a heat transfer with embroidery effect

With the FX HD EC heat transfer, you will get an embroidery effect that is so strikingly similar to the original that you can barely make out the difference. Heat transfer can, in many cases, be an excellent alternative to direct embroidery and woven or embroidered brands.

FX BB Black Blocking heat transfer - a heat transfer for textiles that bleed

Our heat transfer with blackblocking means that clothes with extra bleedthrough keep the motif in a colour-genuine and intact form.

FX RX Reflex - reflective heat transfer

Our reflective heat transfer can be produced in all Pantone colors, but not with the same accuracy as e.g. our heat heat transfer for HD or EC.

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