One heattransfer for all materials

Integration solutions for the textile industry

We at ACG Accent have been independently developing our e-commerce solution Market since the beginning of the 2000s. Through this, we at ACG Accent have acquired deep knowledge and experience of safe, simple and customised solutions for our textile industry. We have our own development department with cutting-edge expertise in integrations and user-friendly solutions to achieve what we call "A Problem-Free Everyday Life. Every customer can be seamlessly integrated with our ERP system.

Our e-commerce "Market" simplifies everyday life

Market is ACG Accent's web order system that is designed to streamline everyday life through clear and transparent information about both products and orders. With Market, you can move smoothly between sizes and colours for heat transfer, and can create several variants of the same logo in a few simple steps. In Market, you can also handle the entire proofreading of your product order, thus further increasing time efficiency. After your order, you benefit from total transparency of the order history and can track your product in real time. All for a more problem-free everyday life.

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Patrik Berglund

Businessmanager Transfer
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Daniel Pettersson

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Marketta Stenberg

Salesmanager Finland
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Camilla Thorell

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