Use of Chemicals

Our Proactive Management of Chemicals.

It’s well-known that chemical compounds not found in nature are a major threat, particularly when it comes to hazardous chemicals. It’s important to do the right thing from the start and to make sure that the materials and products do not contain hazardous or illicit compounds. Users of our products can be confident that we meet all requirements, legislation, standards, and certifications. We make continuous risk assessments of chemicals for different product groups, for a guidance when choosing suppliers. At the same time, our chemical management must be proactive. One of our targets is to develop the collaboration with CIF (Chemical in Focus), together with our suppliers.

Specific measures:

  • We have implemented a digital platform for the chemical management and analysis of risk chemicals, based on product category. This tool simplifies the choice of product, material and / or supplier.
  • Minimise and / or replace the use of chemicals in production.
  • We'll set up a joint task group to create a RSL (Restricted Substances List), based on REACH and bluesign®. The purpose is to optimise the production of our products, to comply with and / or to surpass future requirements regarding sustainability and quality. Everything for your security.