Reducing the CO2 Emissions of Transports.

Working against climate change is one of the UN global goals. Therefore, it was natural that transports became one of our focus areas. From an environmental perspective, this area contributes large amounts of CO2 emissions. For us, it is about reviewing the entire value chain, concerning inbound and outbound transports in Europe and the rest of the world. No matter whether it concerns transports of raw materials or finished products. And of course, it’s also about smaller changes in for example commuting and business trips.

Specific measures and targets:

  • In 2020, carbon dioxide emissions from our transports were just over 36 tonnes. To reduce these, we offer our customers coordination of logistics, minimising the numbers of transports. Our goal is to annually reduce emissions from transports by 10 percent in 2022-2024.
  • In 2020, our company cars emitted just over 8.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The goal is to reduce emissions by 5 percent every year until 2022/2023. We’ll accomplish this by, for example, replacing older company cars with electric cars. The goal is to in years 1 and 2 reduce CO2 emissions from business travel by 5 percent annually. After that, even more.
  • In commuting, the company's employees are estimated to emit 40 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. To reduce this, we are planning increased support for bicycle commuting and carpooling. The target is to reduce emissions from commuting annually by 5 percent in 2022-2024.