Waste and Recycling

Waste and Recycling Demands Planning.

One of the truly most specific ways of our time to deal with sustainability concerns waste, not the least for us as individuals. Recycling is perhaps one of the most important opportunities when it comes to creating circularity. That’s also why this has a UN goal of its own. In our case, most of the waste derives from production. For example, we work actively to replace or reuse all plastic items where possible. A key factor for us is to optimise production planning, a project already in motion.

Specific measures and targets:

  • We must optimise our production planning. The target is that our production waste, scraps, and reworks – for example in our heat transfer production – to be less than 5 percent of total sales. And then decreased by 5 percent annually until 2023/2024.
  • We will reduce our incinerated waste from offices and production by 5 percent each year 2022–2024.
  • Expand our inhouse waste sorting, as well as specifying it.