12 Jul 23

The Green Deal and ACG’s contribution to a more sustainable future for textile products

To reach climate neutrality until 2050, the European Commission has initiated the Green Deal. Shortly described, it involves for example a cross-sectional and holistic approach for several areas. Mentioning just a few are industry, environment, and transport.

For a textile company or a brand, part of the contribution means that every product released to the market has to meet specific requirements for example concerning recycled content, environmental footprints, and resource efficiency etc. This involves a massive data management.

At ACG, with our cutting-edge technology and our own development department, we are well-prepared to collect, store, and transport all data necessary to serve as a one-stop shop solution for our customers.

We are ready to fulfill the requirements to make the future more sustainable with repairable, reusable, recyclable and fully traceable textile products. And we welcome the transition towards a more transparent and sustainable future!